The land of three hearts


In Search of Fragments from the Past – yellow bike trail: 31 km

Uničov - Brníčko - Želechovice - Dětřichov - Pňovic - Žerotín - Újezd - Haukovice - Paseka - Sovinec - Těchanov - alšovský Důl - Dlouhá Loučka - Horní Sukolom - Plíškův Mlýn - Lazce - Uničov
(a one-day demanding trail through rugged terrain, mainly over asphalt bike trails and 3rd class roads)

We will start in Uničov on our search for history. The territory surrounding Uničov was already settled in the Early Stone Age (discoveries of ceramic fragments). On the road from Želechovice we can cool off with a swim in the sand quarry at Pazderna or take a rest under the crown of the memorial Tátov oak tree. We leave the bike trail in Dětřichova and continue on the asphalt road through Pňovice to Žerotín where a pleasant swimming area awaits cyclists along with the so-called “Žerotín Mystery” – the trunk of an old hollow oak called Koráb, in which, according to legend, J. A. Komenský hid on his flight from the homeland.The town of Újezd, the home for many years to sapper Vodička, follows. Thanks to his friendship with Jaroslav Hašek Mr. Vodička became one of the characters in the famous Švejk. The Church of St. Kunhuta is located in Paseka and for ages it has been said that a secret tunnel runs from here to Sovinec Castle, where we can now head. After a tour of the castle we can continue on the bike trail to Těchanov; this is a nice descent from the hill and riders can refresh themselves at a bubbling brook along the forest path. We will continue on to Dlouhá Loučka, where you can stop at the Eastern Orthodox crucifix. On the way to Plíškův Mlýn we must travel along the frequented road to Horní Sukolom. At Šumvald Pond we turn to the left and ride through Kauce to finishbackinUničov.

Kingdom of Forest Sprites – blue bike trail: 27.5 km

Uničov - Střelice - Nový Dvůr - Litovel - Pňovice - Dětřichov - Želechovice - Brníčko - Uničov
(one-day light trail on asphalt and paved forest paths and 3rd class roads)

On the Trail of Fairytale Magic and the Wisdom of Trees – red bike trail: 21 km

Uničov - Medlov - Hlavice - Úsov - Holubice - Dědinka - Troubelice - Lazce - Uničov
(a one-day trail through mildly rolling terrain, mainly over asphalt bike trails and 3rd class roads)

Robber’s Trail – green bike trail: 40 km

Uničov - Brníčko - Dlouhá Loučka - Šumvald - Oskava - Libina - Obědné - Lipinka - Nová Hradečná - Troubelice - Lazce - Uničov
(a two-day demanding trail through rugged terrain, mainly on marked asphalt bike trails and 3rd class roads)

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