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Trail B

Paseka - Rešovské vodopády - Rýmařov - Petrovy Kameny - Praděd - Karlova Studánka - Mravenečník - Velké Losiny - Vikýřovice - Šumperk - Mohelnice - Bradlo - Úsov - Uničov
Option to connect to Trail C in the direction of Střelice

The region of the Nízký and Hrubý Jeseník Mountains is famous for witches, whose “rampages” here were seen particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries. One of these alleged witches was born in Paseka in the second half of the 16th century. Paseka to Rešov Falls is just a short trip on broomstick or by other means. From Rešov Falls you must head to the mountains, though on the way be sure not to miss picturesque Rýmařov. From Rýmařov it isn’t far to Petrovy kameny and the highest point of the region, Mount Praděd. Below Praděd lies scenic Karlova Studánka, where you can drink from the curative springs and regain your strength. After refreshments you can set off on a mountain tour in the direction of Mravenečník and be sure not to miss the unique power station at Dlouhá Strána.

The town of Velké Losiny will take your breath away. When you have finishedenjoyingthesites,headdowntowardthe Havlíčkov open-air folk museum in Rapotín. Rapotín is located near Šumperk, where a picturesque historic centre and museum awaits visitors. Šumperk and Mohelnice are both inseparably connected to the history of witch trials. From Mohelnice continue on to the hamlet of Lipinka and climb the southernmost spur of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains, Bradlo, with a height of 599.5 metres above sea level. From Bradlo you can see the small town of Úsov, which lures tourists with both a castle and chateau. In Uničov begins Trail C – The Pilgrimage of St. Jan Sarkander.


We advice you visit:

Rešov falls
The falls are one of the most romantic locations in the Nízký Jeseník Mountain region. Huntava Stream winds its way along the rocky pass through Devon rhyolite and falls dramatically to the valley below. You can climb through the falls along wooden stairs. Above the falls the sand from the stream contains slag from a medieval ironworks. A little ways further up stream are the relatively well-preserved ruins of a small castle from the 13th century that served to protect the local mine.

Velké Losiny
The beauty of the town bears no reminders from the horrors of the medieval witch trials held here. Tourists can visit a Renaissance chateau and a 16th century paper factory that has produced hand-made paper for four-hundred years. You can watch traditional medieval paper production and then visit the thermal swimming pool with curative mountain water.

A Gothic castle, Baroque chateau, rich collections of hunting trophies and weapons, and a medieval Jewish ghetto are all located in Úsov.

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