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Trail C

Paseka - Uničov - Střelice - Litovel - Náklo - Příkazy - Olomouc - Tovačov - Troubky - Přerov – Olomouc
Option to connect to Trail D –To Svatý Kopeček u Olomouce

St. John Sarkander was a Catholic priest who arrived here from Poland and became one of the many victims of the Thirty Years War. He served people in Uničov and elsewhere in Moravia. He was captured by enemies in Troubky and tortured in Olomouc.

Our pilgrimage begins at the bronze statue of Jan Sarkander in venerable Uničov, a beautiful town full of important historic monuments. On the road to Litovel you will findamedieval propitiatory crucifix in Střelice. Litovel is knownas the Venice of Moravia because it was founded on water canals. Náklo has a natural swimming hole and guests can camp on its banks. From Náklo it is a short jump to the town of Příkazy and the local Haná open-air folk museum. The route from this museum leads to the capital city of Moravia – Olomouc.

In the Haná flat lands the town of Tovačov and its fishing pondsa waits you. Neighbouring Troubky survived the destructive floodsof 1997. The first sculpture of St. Jan Sarkander was erectedin Troubky in the 19th century at the site of his capture in the curve at the original bridge across the Morava River.

From Troubky a road leads to Přerov, an ancient town with a Celtic and Slavic past. Connected to Přerov is Předmostí u Přerova, which holds the remains of a mammoth hunters’ camp. From Přerov you will travel back against time to Čekyně and Nelešovice and then back to Olomouc, from where it is possible to return to Paseka along Trail D – Searching for the Treasure of Knight Kobylka..


We advice you visit:

Uničov was founded in 1213 and is one of the oldest towns in the Czech Republic. You must take in Early Gothic Medlov Gate, reconstructed in the 15th century, the Late Gothic Water Gate – today a museum, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, both from the firsthalfofthe14thcentury,theoriginalGothic Town Hall, the Marian Pillar, and many other important monuments. There is also a bronze statue of St. Jan Sarkander.

The Regional capital city of Olomouc has the most historic building monuments in the country after Prague. Of special interest is the Chapel of St. Jan Sarkander, whose cellar is the site where the Catholic priest died. The chapel, built in the 18th century on the location of a medieval prison, houses in its cellar a museum exhibition devoted to the life of the saint, including original torture devices.

The original Gothic Castle was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau, now housing a museum. The chateau includes a 92 metre tall tower that is open to tourists and which offers fantastic views far into the surrounding areas. Tovačov also has the Jewish Community Museum and an ancient Jewish cemetery.

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