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Trail D

Paseka - Palina - důl Kaminka - Chabičov - Šternberk - Těšíkov - Svatý Kopeček – Olomouc
Option to connect to Trail C in the direction of Tovačov

Knight Jan Kobylka the Elder from Kobylí was a rich owner of the Sovinec domain. In 1620 he was a member of the government of the Moravian Estates. Following the victory of Emperor Ferdinand II he managed to maintain his freedom and even part of his property. He held a great deal of wealth which, following his death, could not be found – perhaps you will findthistreasureonyourtravels!

Climb or drive up Zvon and then set out for Palina. Palina is the Germanized Czech name of the forest Pálená on the southern edge of Paseka. According to old legend a town once stood here. From Palina it is a short trip to the extinct volcano Kaminka and then off to Chabičov and the Devon trilobites!

Next is Šternberk, followed by Těšíkov with mineral water springs, Tepenec with ruins of a Gothic castle and the dominant feature of the Region, Svatý Kopeček, which is directly above Olomouc. In Olomouc you can return on Trail C – The Pilgrimage of St. Jan Sarkander.


We advice you visit:

Kaminka is the remains of an ancient volcano whose insides held great reserves of iron ore; this was mined up until the second half of the 20th century. Preserved directly on Kaminka and in the fieldsbelow are two iron-ore mines, several German bunkers, a prisoner of war camp, and, allegedly, a hidden amber chamber.

At the end of the village of Těšíkov in the Bělkovice Valley fine-tasting calcium bicarbonate mineral water is available from a wooden arbour free of charge.

Svatý Kopeček
Svatý Kopeček is the location of a magnificent Baroque church from the 17th century, a renowned pilgrimage site, and the extensive Olomouc Zoological Gardens. The area is served by public buses from Olomouc.

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