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Trail E

Paseka - Huzová - Sovinec - Jiříkov - Hutov - Stránské - Rešovské vodopády - Ruda - Dlouhá Loučka – Uničov
Option to connect to Trail C – The Pilgrimage of St. Jan Sarkander.

The Lords of Sovinec lived for several centuries in the local region and took their name from Sovinec Castle, but Sovinec was not their original home. Documents originally mentioned Huzová, which had been granted to them by Olomouc Bishop Konrád II.

Owls fly most where Pasecký Žlebend sand Údolí Sýčků begins. From Údolí Sýčků you can “fly”to Huzová Castle. From here head toward Sovinec. From Sovinec it is a short trip to Jiříkov and the Praděd Gardens, and when you’re already there you can visit local Hutov.

Rešov Falls follow, where you can transfer to Trail B – Flight on a Witch’s Broomstick. Above the falls is the famous pilgrimage site Ruda with a unique Calvary. Below Ruda is Dlouhá Loučka with two chateaux; from here a road leads back to Paseka or to Uničov, on Trail C – The Pilgrimage of St. Jan Sarkander.


We advice you visit:

Údolí Sýčků
Údolí Sýčků begins at the eastern edge of Paseka where Paseka Žleb ends, and here you can set off upwards all the way to the source of Teplička Stream or before Paseka Žleb you can turn right and climb to Huzová along Papůvka Creek. On this creek is a unique water duct built in the firsthalfofthe20thcenturyasawatersourcefor the sanatorium in Paseka.

Huzová castle
Not far from Huzová on a rocky projection above Sitka Stream are obvious traces of a small castle in which the Markvart brothers, Vok and Pavel of Huzová, and later the Lords of Sovinec lived starting in the firsthalfofthe14thcentury.

When you continue toward Rýmařov from Jiříkov you will findonyourleft the defunct village of Hutov, which today contains only the Chapel of St. Anne and building foundations; tourists who aren’t careful could fall into an unfilled well orade eppond. The reisnomention of Hotovon maps; the name Pastviny is used in its place.

More in Czech version Trail E.

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