The land of three hearts



Location of town – Czech Republic, Olomouc Region, Uničov Micro-Region
Nearest larger towns – Uničov, Šternberk, Rýmařov
Schools in town – kindergarten, elementary school
Health care – dentist’s office,generalpractitioner’soffice,specialisttherapeuticinstitute
Population – 1,200
Infrastructure – sewerage system, gas lines, water distribution system

We have put the present and the future in the hands of the young generation. We attempt to create good conditions for young families by providing inexpensive building parcels, and by building sports grounds: we are preparing the construction of a “Sports and Relaxation Centre” in Paseka with accommodations, bowling, a sauna, weight training room, and a cosy restaurant. New attractions will be installed at the Paseka swimming pool. In the immediate vicinity of Paseka a 3-kilometre long asphalt in-line skating course will be built, and the ski lift at Karlov will also be extended. The number of horses kept at Karlov will be increased. We offer conditions comparable to those offered by larger towns, but in magnificent and purenatural surroundings. More on

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The Specialist Therapeutic Institute is located in the Paseka-Sanatorium section of Paseka and provides in-patient health care in departments for lung patients, the chronically ill, rehabilitation, and social hospitalization. The facility also provides outpatient health care (lung, surgery, rehabilitation, and general practitioner care). Complete services are provided in the laboratory at the Paseka Specialist Therapeutic Institute and at the Uničov and Unex Polyclinics. These are biochemical and haematological laboratories. An additional service is RTG equipment. The Therapeutic Institute was founded as a regional lung sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. The creation of this institute was started by an imperial decree in 1902 ordering a study of the best climatic conditions for building a lung sanatorium. The southwestern slope of the Moravian Jeseník Mts. in the town of Paseka was chosen as the site. More information is available at

This project was co-financed from Regional resources and from contributions from the Structural Funds
of the European Union by means of the Common Regional Operational Programme.

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